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Diego Acuna

Diego Acuña

Birth Date:07/11/1971 Address: 1697 Lisandro de la torre Avenue - Resistencia - Chaco - Argentina.

Artistic Studies and Grants:

  • 2003/2 Grant Fundación Alberto J. Trabucco, with the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes,Painting grant, with the visual artist Sergio Bazán, Buenos Aires. Arg,Grant Fundación Antorchas, Art Workshop with the visual artists Luís Weels and Sergio Bazán, Posadas Misiones. Arg.
  • 1996/91 Regional Painting Program in Overa Misiones. Arg, National Program of Art Students, Catamarca. Arg,University Art Program UNNE, Resistencia chaco. Arg, Fine Arts College, Resistencia Chaco. Arg, Regional Program of Mural Painting, Resistencia Chaco. Arg, Regional Engraving Program, Resistencia Chaco. Arg

Solo exhibitions:

  • 2013- Installation “AGUA” - Oficina Proyectista – C. Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
  • 2012-  “Paisajes internos”, Painting- Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Dr. Pedro E. Martínez Paraná Entre Ríos. “Dialogo”, Painting - Centro Municipal de Cultura Viedma- Rio Negro.
  • 2010- Painting exhibition - Espacio Sinestesia arte Contemporáneo- Buenos Aires- Arg.
  • 2009- Árbol Project – Urban Interventions- Resistencia-Chaco- Arg. Árbol Exhibition- Museo de Bellas Artes- Resistencia-Chaco. arg
  • 2008- Orgánico?, Painting retrospective exhibition - Museo de Bellas Artes Rene Brusau, MUBA, Resistencia- Chaco- Arg.
  • 2007- Pabellon4 Arte Contemporáneo Gallery, Painting, Orgánico..? Capital Federal. Arg
  • 2003- Urban Intervention, Desocupación, Capital Federal. Arg
  • 2002- Pilar Auditorium, Painting, Capital Federal. Arg, Ocupación2, Urban Intervention, Plaza de los dos Congresos, Capital Federal. Arg, Painting - Casa de la Provincia del Chaco, Capital Federal. Arg
  • 2001- Painting - Centro Cultural San Martín, Alberdi room,. Capital Federal. Arg, Painting - Centro Cultural del Nordeste-, Resistencia Chaco. Arg

Group Exhibitions and Awards:

  • 2016- Lebenshon Foundation- Archivos Imposibles- Buenos Aires. Umbral Gallery- Arte Contemporáneo
  • 2015- René Brusau Fine Arts Museum (MUBA Chaco), Paisaje Colectivo de Artistas. Resistencia Chaco.
  • 2014 - Dr. Pedro E. Martínez Provincial Fine Arts Museum- Paraná Entre Ríos. National Congress Library. Buenos Aires Dsignum Cultural Center, Temperley, Buenos Aires. Oficina Proyectista. Capital Federal.
  • 2013- “Paisaje” itinerant exhibition- Casa de la Cultura Argañaraz Alcorta, Santiago del Estero.
  • 2011- IV Festival Paz a Favor. Capital federal. Buenos aires. Centro Cultural 20 flores. Art Exhibition of the provinces. Capital federal. Buenos aires.
  • 2008-07 Casa Bebán exhibition center. Ushuaia. Art Award exhibition of the Banco Central Republica Argentina, Salta Contemporary Art Museum. Art Award exhibition of the Banco Central Republica Argentina, Fine Arts National Museum of Neuquén. Art Award exhibition of the Banco Central Republica Argentina the Victoria Ocampo cultural center, Mar del Plata. Prize Acquisition – Young Artist Award, Painting National Award of the Banco Central of Argentina. Centro Cultural Borges. Capital Federal. Cubo Project, Pabellon4 Arte Contemporáneo Gallery Capital Federal.2005- Prize- 3er premio Sherwin William, Pabellón 4 Arte Contemporáneo Gallery, Capital Federal.
  • 2004- Centro cultural Borges, Prize Bonifacio del Carril. Capital Federal. Casal de Cataluña – Mirall Group, Painting, Capital Federal.
  • 2003 Coordinator of the program Proyecto Resistencia.
  • 2002- urban interventions-Resistencia-Chaco.
  • 2001- Puerto Late Exhibition, Ocupación Urban Intervention, Puerto Barranqueras. Chaco 78 Santa Fe National Award, Painting, Santa Fe. Fine Arts provincial Museum, “Autorretratos”.Resistencia Chaco.
  • 2000- Palais de Glace, Young Painting Award of the National Art Exhibition. Capital Federal. Painting Prize, El Quijote cultural center. Capital Federal.
  • 1999- Prize-Mención Especial, Edea Gallery. Capital Federal First Painting Award, Núcleo de Arte Gallery. Capital Federal.
  • 1996- Fine Arts Provincial Museum, Painting, Resistencia, Chaco. Painting, itinerant exhibition: Overa and Posadas -Misiones-, Encarnación –Paraguay-, Corrientes-Corrientes-, Resistencia -Chaco. Painting Exhibition- Fine Arts Provincial Exhibition orrtos”, Resistencia, Chaco.
Since my first works I have been interested in the origin and existence of the human being; in the first instance the individuality as part of the social environment as a client or consumer, the functional aspect of the existence in society. On the other hand I am interested in investigating the human being, the organic and spiritual nature. I explore the complex world of the human body in a literal and conceptual way, taking as a reference some scientific studies of anatomy. I am interested in the singular and significant contribution of the organic aspect that links us to the reason of our existence. The human body has always been a subject of study and research both by scientists and artists, who reflected these findings in various representations. As part of this process I raise the following questions: Where is the being located, in what part of this internal map is it? Can life be seen or  can we only see its reflection? Are we more than this? Taking this set of questions, shapes, colors and concepts, I explore this wonderful universe, drawing a new map, a new path, my own.
Artist: Diego Acuna
Size: 39 x 59 inch
Price$4,701.00 $4,700.00
Adornment, breasts
Artist: Diego Acuna
Size: 47 x 51 inch
Price$4,800.00 $4,700.00
Artist: Diego Acuna
Size: 47 x 51 inch
Price$5,500.00 $5,400.00
When I remain silent
Artist: Diego Acuna
Size: 59 x 59 inch
Price$5,500.00 $5,400.00
In your presence
Artist: Diego Acuna
Size: 59 x 59 inch
Price$6,000.00 $5,900.00
Artist: Diego Acuna
Size: 94 x 55 inch
Price$7,001.00 $7,000.00
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