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Ted Barr
Curator – Canvas Art Page

We are proud to sponsor our chief curator Ted Barr at Alessando Berni booth in Scope Miami

There are very few human beings that made real change in their lives and in the lives of others Ted Barr is one of them. Developing the FLY (Free the Life within You) method of living an artful life made a mark in the art world by introducing a new art style based on free expression of the unconscious. With emerging colors and surprising forms and symbols.

Barr published the FLY book in November 2017 and delivers the FLY workshops worldwide in those workshops the main aim is to revive the natural creative child we once were and by that to express the hidden artist in every human being.

There are 3 main series Barr created so far:

  • Deep Space – inspired by the Hubble telescope images
  • Human Formation – based on Lennart Nilsson inner body photography
  • Cycle Of Life – based on a research into religions trying to decipher the human life enigma

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