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What Can You Sell ?

If you are an artists into Modern Contemporary Art, We are looking for you!

Sell your original Un-Framed Artwork, created by you. Canvas Art Page requires exclusive rights to Exhibit and Sell authentic artwork. We do not accept reprints or 3rd party work.

Original Paintings

Original Drawings

Mixed Media

Original Prints

Why Sell Art Online ?

Emerging & professional modern contemporary artists are invited to join, Canvas Art Page, an online art gallery targeted towards collectors, architects, interior designers and art lovers all around the globe. We pride ourselves as one of the fastest growing current modern contemporary online art gallery.

Don’t waste time to sell your artwork,  no need to go to exhibitions or meeting art collectors. Let us take the pain in doing the marketing for you while you do what you like to do most, create more master piece. Realize your dreams of worldwide recognition and earn from your master pieces from the comfort of your home. 

Our Promise:

  • Well-designed and innovative art site
  • Non-stop promotion in all social media and google channels
  • Careful selection of participating artists by our curators
  • Patronage and guidance from renowned Curator worldwide.
  • No fee from artists
  • Just like the sale, Shipping is on us as well.
  • Get a 65% share of the asked work price on your master-piece.

The art world that we knew earlier is on a verge of transformation, not only in the terms of art forms, but also in the way it connects the artists with the art lovers. Artists breathe happiness with art, and art lovers feel art to heal pain. Forming a bridge between artists and art-lovers is a prime job and owing to advanced technology, this has become as easy as clicking a mouse of your computer.

The online art-selling market has shown massive growth, providing numerous benefits to the artists. Canvas Art Page has broadened the door of opportunities for the artists and empowered them to carve their own space. Now an artist can get global exposure by showcasing his/her work online while sitting and painting in the comfort of their cozy art-studio.

Exhibiting art-works in exhibitions demand time and money. However, uploading art-works need no or less time, thereby saving artists’ precious time that they can spend to create more master-pieces. Moreover, artists can also get expert advise from the expert Curators that will help them to develop better understanding of various art forms.

So, rather wasting your time, get started with Canvas Art Page and feature your treasure art pieces. Register, create your profile and showcase your potential to the world. Earn what you truly deserve!