Canvas Art Page Pty Ltd – Shipping Policy

Canvas Art Page offers Free sipping worldwide no matter where you are located.

Our Shipping Process

  • Once you have completed your online purchase and payment has been approved you will receive an email from Stripe payment gateway confirming your Order details including your shipping address
  • Within 24 hours you will also receive an email directly from Canvas Art Page confirming the receipt of your Order
  • Your purchased Artwork will be shipped within 7-10 days to your specified address once you receive your confirmation email from us
  • Delivery time will vary depending on country of origin and destination You will receive a confirmation email that will provide shipping details for your purchase
  • For your peace of mind, your Artwork is fully insured by us against loss and damage whilst it is intransit (being shipped)to you
  • Please note that upon delivery you will be required to obtain your own insurance policy to protect your newly purchased Artwork. Canvas Art Page assumes no responsibility for Artwork once it has been delivered